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Yoga for Better Sleep (and Less Stress)

By featured writer Ellie Porter, Managing Editor | SleepHelp.org

The connection between stress and sleep loss is no secret. However, the body isn’t meant to maintain the prolonged stress levels that have become part of modern life.  Everything from the muscles to adrenal glands go into overdrive when stressed.

Getting and keeping stress under control not only helps your current mental state but your long-term health and ability to sleep. A regular yoga routine is an effective way to manage stress and other factors that contribute to sleeplessness.

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UN International Day of Peace

Join this special day to bring Peace to our hearts and the world we live.  On 19th Sep (Sat) from 8:45 am to 11:00 am at Prema Yoga Studio. One hour inspiring Movie featuring thought leaders like Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggert, Andrew Harvey, Dean Radin, Satish Kumar,...

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New Class: Monday Afternoon 4 pm Yoga

Come and join our New Yoga Class on Monday afternoon 4 o'clock with Trish.  She is a very gifted compassionate yoga teacher. Her Yoga Therapy knowledge and her skillful Hatha Yoga teaching will help you shed the stress of the day and leave you with a Peaceful glow!...

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Yoga with Trish

Hello Yogis and Yoginis, You’ve been very much in my thoughts while travelling 5000km through France over the last month and a half.  I hope your Yoga practice has flowed rather than ebbed, although there’s no point in beating ourselves up about it, as what is more...

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Buddha said, it is not the first arrow that damages but the second arrow. How often are you harsh on youself? It is so important to learn Self-Compassion. To apply that we need to be mindful what self-talk and judgements are going on inside of us...that is where the...

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Back From Santa Sabina

I am back !  Regular Yoga Classes Resume from 26 June, Monday. I hope you are all well.  Yes, I had a wonderful holiday with friends and family in North America as well as another wonderful 10 day silent retreat at Santa Sabina with Richard Miller. But I am back and...

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Fuyuko is on i-Rest time

I am taking leave from regular yoga teaching for my I-Resting time from 14 May to 22 June, 2013. I will be on a 10 day silent retreat with my master, Richard Miller in California USA and then spending time with mother-in-law in Canada. This gives me the opportunity to...

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New Beginnings

Welcome to our newly-revamped website. It’s always exciting – the beginnings of a new project. Putting it out there for the world to see. This new website has been a long time coming and I’m proud and excited that it is finally arriving. It is still though a work in...

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