From Mike

My name is Mike. I am 51 and have stage 4 Kidney Cancer. I am married with two children aged 9 and 12. I am on the Gold Coast for a drug trial.

On a recommendation, I approached Fuyuko asking for yoga exercises to help my body and meditation practises to help me deal with my circumstances.

She has helped me so much, I wish to shout her praises from rooftops. She has a calm, patient and gentle way to deliver insightful help from her obviously vast knowledge of yoga and meditation practise. She facilitated the unveiling of deep, calm and timeless places I can retreat to as needed, as well as unlocking access to the deep energies surging within me. I am able to better enjoy the present moment in which I find myself, and all that is good about it. I am also better able to focus the energies inside me for the task ahead.

I wish to express my deep heartfelt thanks to her, and to recommend her to anyone searching for technique to help them cope with the daily demands of life or the huge stress of trauma or personal tragedy.

From S. Barrett

I have been practicing yoga for many years and have attended a number of different studios over that time, including a studio in Manhattan. Fuyuko is, without a doubt, the best yoga teacher I have ever come across. Even though I have been attending Prema Yoga for a number of years now, my knowledge of yoga continues to grow as Fuyuko continually shares her on-going studies and retreat experiences.

Fuyuko’s classes are ever changing and each class has a wonderful progressive flow all in a peaceful, positive and encouraging environment. I am grateful to Fuyuko for all the knowledge and warmth she continues to share with us.

From Anne

My name is Anne and I’m a 72 year old woman, working and living on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

I’ve been attending Yoga Nidra/iRest classes at Prema Yoga Studio for three years, and can guarantee it has been, and continues to be, of the greatest non-medical benefit to my mind and body that you could imagine.

Fuyuko, teacher/guide for all levels of skill and interest, has gently brought me to a place in my mind where I can now use the techniques of iRest in my everyday life, in all circumstances. Recently I underwent major surgery and was delighted to feel nothing but peace and tranquility pre and post operation. By using the very simple and easy strategies of iRest, I was able to prepare my mind and body for the trauma of surgery, and enjoy the surprise and delight of nursing staff at my positive attitude, lack of pain and speedy recovery. Before Yoga Nidra/iRest, this would not have been the case. 

Yoga Nidra/iRest is for every age, and every stage in life. Men and women, young and old, can all benefit from the simple techniques that are loving given by Prema Yoga Studio. My eternal thanks to Fuyuko and the wonderful friends I have made there.

iRest® Training and Immersion testimonials

     iRest combines yogic principles with neuroscience and a contemporary approach to meditation. Its simplicity belies the profoundness on offer. In this day and age any practice that addresses the mind-body connection in such an accessible way is invaluable and something I consider preventative medicine for the whole self. ~  KeiShana Coursey – Christchurch, New Zealand.  March 2018


     Attending the iRest® Level 1 training has been transformational. An unlocking and entering into an inner world of peaceful curiosity I had only ever dreamed of. The team of expert teachers held the space of learning and opening, professionally and safely, with unconditional love and non-judgment of what was arising. A life-changing experience. ~ Lucie McIntosh, New Zealand Feb 2018

     Fuyuko was a calm and articulate presenter who conveyed the complexities of irest with humor and warmth. ~ Level I Training Participant, New Zealand, Feb 2018


   The iRest Level 1 training with Fuyuko gave me all the ingredients needed to feel confident to teach the protocol to individuals and groups. ~ Gold Coast Training Participant, Sep 2016


    I found the course completely life changing in the sense that our issues can be addressed by diving straight in. No waiting for day 3, for example, to build up some knowledge first. I enjoyed everything that I learned and will be practicing and share this straight away. ~ Gold Coast Training Participant


     The teaching was very valuable, even more, profound than expected. It was a delight to be trained by Fuyuko, who was very knowledgeable and likable. I would recommend this training to those with an interest in yoga, meditation, and psychology. Thank you to the capable staff for a life-changing 6 days! ~  Level I Training Participant

Fuyuko's Immersion and Training testimonials

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