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iRest Yoga Nidra

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iRest Yoga Nidra is a profoundly transformative practice that leads to lasting psychological change, as well as physical and emotional healing. It teaches you how to live a contented life, free of conflict, anxiety, fear and suffering by opening your mind and body to their inherent ground of health and wholeness.

Yoga Psychology

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Yoga Nidra in Therapy. Find more about this and Richard’s interview by Todd on Youtube. 

“I recently recorded a Skype interview with iRest Founder Richard Miller. He is a Clinical Psychologist who has developed a yoga nidra protocol being used with effectively in hospitals across the USA for soldiers returning from duty with PTSD.”

See the full interview at:

Donna Farhi

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My teacher and wonderful Yogi friend…no introduction is needed.

Just as there is an invisible force that produces the organic symmetry of a towering pine’s branches . . . So, too our human bodies are governed by intrinsically intelligent patterns.
Donna Farhi : Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit

Warriors at Ease

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My dear iRest Teacher colleagues like Karen Soltes and Robin Carnes teaches at Warriors at Ease. Their mission statements say it all.

Warriors at Ease brings the healing power of yoga and meditation to military communities around the world, especially those affected by combat-stress, PTSD, and trauma. We do this by training and deploying certified mind-body professionals to settings where they can enhance the health and well-being of service members, veterans, families, and healthcare staff.

Paramount Collage of Natural Medicine

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First Bachelor of Mind Body Medicine to be offered in the world!

Rick Hanson

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His newsletter “Just One Thing” is my favorite newsletter. It is full of practical way to enhance our well-being and happiness! It’s free and so enriching! Here is a link: 

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a neuropsychologist and New York Times best-selling author. His books include:
Hardwiring Happiness
Buddha’s Brain
Just One Thing
Mother Nurture

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