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iRest® Meditation for Stress Management & Wellbeing

Suitable for all. Beginners welcome. iRest is evidence based secular Deep Relaxation and Meditation for wellbeing and stress management. Simply guided breathing practices and meditation to support and allow body and mind to release tension, stress & anxiety. Read more about this powerful method at

iRest® Meditation

75 minuts – For beginners and all levels. Relax and Renew your body & mind, and enhance your wellbeing. You can sit or lie down for this meditation. 

Meditation Made Easy 

Meditation made simple and easy to practice. iRest = Integrative Restoration This method is described as heart of meditation which deeply relaxes and restores your body & mind. Excellent for supporting to heal Insomnia, PTSD, and Anxiety. Find more about iRest on


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