Class Descriptions

Level I – Gentle Hatha

This class will incorporate gentle movements with soft openings and mind-body awareness into a slow, meditative, calm Hatha Yoga practice. Perfect for beginners, or even advanced practitioners wishing to slow down and deepen Awareness.

Level 2 – Hatha Yoga

Suitable for intermediate and advanced students. Emphasize mindfulness and awareness of movement from within. Deepen your practice as well as your connection to all aspects of your Being. Tuesday night Level 2 is an hour and half class and it ends at 7:30pm.

Restorative Yoga & iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation

Suitable for all. Deeply relaxing and restorative yoga using Yoga props (blankets, bolster and blocks etc) to support and allow body and mind to release tension & stress. Restorative Yoga is followed by deep meditative and stress & anxiety reducing iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation. 

Yoga & iRest® Meditation

Gentle Yoga 45 min & iRest 45 min – Winning combination and highly recommend for beginners and advanced for stilling body & mind, and general wellbeing. Sensing body through gentle yoga for deeply releasing tension and renew with a long restorative iRest. Class is 1½ Hours.

Meditation Made Easy 

Meditation made simple and easy to practice. One of main way to meditate using Integrative Restoration called “iRest Meditation” will be offered. iRest is described as heart of meditation which deeply relaxes and restores your body & mind. Find more about iRest on Class is 45 min.  *Currently off the schedule. The next class schedule to be advised.

Japanese Speaking Class

The class is taught in Japanese. This class is currently off the schedule but if you are interested please contact us >>


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