iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Training
near Melbourne, 16-21 June, 2015

with Stephanie Lopez and Fuyuko Toyota

Download the brochure (pdf)
iRest Level 1 Training, June 2015 with Fuyuko Toyota and Stephanie Lopez
Stephanie Lopez, cerified iRest Teacher, Trainer and Supervisor
Fuyuko Toyota, Certified iRest Teacher and Trainer

This training is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Anticipate a dynamic learning environment that includes in-depth interactive dialogue and experiential sessions.

What is included in Level 1 Training >>

This Level I training is designed to provide you with the basic principles, history, theory, practice and delivery of iRest®. This will allow you to incorporate the simple 10-step iRest® protocol into your personal life, professional teaching or clinical practice. The protocol has been designed for use in various settings that include a personal practice, yoga environments, physical therapy, massage therapy, social work, clinical and medical settings, alternative or integrative medical practices as well as in-job training and job resiliency programs.

Note: Level I Training is a prerequisite for Level II

About Stephanie Lopez

Stephanie Lopez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Gestalt therapist, Senior iRest Trainer and Supervisor, as well as a Certified iRest Teacher and yoga teacher. She also serves as a Board Member for the Integrative Restoration Institute. Stephanie interweaves principles of iRest and self-inquiry into her clinical psychotherapy practice. In addition she maintains a practice devoted to iRest, helping people uncover their essential well-being, deal with difficult emotions & beliefs, and develop a meditation practice.

Stephanie’s compassionate presence, depth of knowledge, and love of this work create a welcoming space for insightful learning. She shares her insights in workshops, classes, and trainings throughout the US and Australia.

Richard Miller's Endorsement

Read Richard Miller’s Endorsement of Stephanie Lopez

“I wholeheartedly enjoy, and support Stephanie …


About Fuyuko Toyota

Fuyuko Toyota is a certified iRest Yoga Nidra® teacher and Hatha Yoga teacher. She  has been teaching Yoga for over fourteen years. Having directly learned from inspirational teachers like Richard Miller, TKV Desikachar, Judith Hanson-Lasater, and Donna Farhi, Fuyuko has developed a unique Hatha yoga style that reflects the broad spiritual application of yogic philosophy, beyond mere physical exercise.

Richard Miller's Endorsement

Read Richard Miller’s Endorsement of Fuyuko Toyota

“I deeply respect Fuyuko for how she integrates her grounded presence and deep passion for truth, beauty, love and community when teaching yoga and iRest meditation practices …

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Training Tuition

Includes over 400 page manual and a Level I Training audio download.
Tuition Price: $1595.00 (Australian Dollars)

Accommodation Options

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*Commuter options include Facility Usage fee only: suitable for people who can commute to the venue and don’t require accommodation at the venue.
^The above GST amounts have been rounded to the nearest dollar for convenience.
All fees are per person, include GST and are in Australian dollars
Lodging: 5 nights 6 Days. All rooms come with a bathroom and shower.
Balance is payable no later  than 15 May, 2015.


“It is like an upgrading of the software of my life and has been instrumental in helping me to be more at home with myself at all levels of being. – Leigh Blashki, Melbourne, President, Yoga Australia”

After 35+ years of yoga/meditation teaching it was a thrill to experience and learn more about this beautiful and effective approach to the traditional practice of Yoga Nidra. As a teacher and therapist I am always keen to further my knowledge and skills and undertaking both level 1 and level 2 training (and now currently undertaking level 3/certification) has provided a quantum leap in what I can offer students and clients. This leap however comes from more than just the ‘knowledge’ gained. It also comes from a most remarkable deepening and enriching of my own personal meditation, which the regular practice of iRest has unfolded and which informs my work with students and clients.

iRest for me is not only something to be practiced. It is like an upgrading of the software of my life and has been instrumental in helping me to be more at home with myself at all levels of being.”
– Leigh Blashki, Melbourne, President, Yoga Australia

“iRest is a profound tool which can enhance any therapy. My hope is that anyone struggling with his or her own life challenges, or searching for deeper meaning to life, will have the same opportunity to experience this life-giving practice as I have.”
– Michael, Cancer Survivor “




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