I am back !  Regular Yoga Classes Resume from 26 June, Monday.

I hope you are all well.  Yes, I had a wonderful holiday with friends and family in North America as well as another wonderful 10 day silent retreat at Santa Sabina with Richard Miller. But I am back and ready to teaching again. I look forward to seeing you all back to regular yoga classes from 26 June.

When I see the bare trees and ground in the winter months, I know that they are not entirely stopping and resting. I know that beneath bareness they are busy preparing to push new leaves and new sprouts for blossoms.

Like so, are we preparing our body & mind tenderly with renewed enthusiasm during this winter season?  Instead of hibernating through cooler months, join me in lubricating joints, softening muscles and arteries, increasing blood flow by good stretches, resting, meditating  and basking in the company of likeminded friends who love the Joy of Yoga.

See you on the mat soon!


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