I hope you are all well and enjoying gorgeous Autumn weather. 

It has been almost two months ago since the first and second iRest Level 1 Training in Australia.  After the training, I heard from so many participants that there was so much excitement and gladness in your new found treasure “iRest”.

As time goes by, some of you may thirst for the company of friends who speak the language of iRest…”Meet, Greet and Welcome what is”, and  the desire to connect with the True Nature you felt and tasted during the training. 

That is why I decided to write this email to suggest that you start a Satsang (Sanskrit सत्सङ्ग sat = true, sanga = company) or Sangha (like minded community) gathering with your iRest buddies who may live near you to share and stay in touch with iRest:  to talk: clarify: learn and share. 

As Richard says, “Gathering in community forms one of the four pillars that support spiritual awakening, the other three being the teachings, the work we do by ourselves, and the work we do with a teacher or mentor.”

He also points that “When we gather together in groups of two or more, we are able to realize other aspects of our humanness that will otherwise never appear when we’re by ourselves.”

I feel it is so important to be seen, heard, belong and feel connected, and therefore I wholeheartedly  support you to stay in touch with the iRest Community/family. Even if through virtual means (via Skype, Facetime or phone).

I from time to time travel to different cities and states and would welcome the opportunity to join your Satsang group. Please let me know your plans.

By the way, if you are living near the Gold Coast, I propose to have our first Satsang on any of these three dates:  5 or 6 or 7 July at my humble yoga studio. I hope to share the experiences after the training, Q&A, Dyads practice, and share a simple meal.  Date and Time to decide. Please write to me if you are interested.

Let’s Do iRest!


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